Dedicated to providing black people with quality, healthy, and effective products that maintain and remove braids while creating employment opportunities for black people and building a business founded, owned, and operated by black people.

How It Began

In the early 2000s, my mother, Natasha Anderson-Imara, had the undesirable chore of taking down her braids and the braids six girls in family. After two days of taking down our braids with a rat tail comb, that would often break, my mother began thinking, "There has to be a faster way of taking down braids." From this experience, the idea of The Original UnBraider was born.

My mother began working with engineers over nine months to develop a model comb to take down multiple braids, making it faster and easier without damaging your natural hair. After testing five proto-types she created- The Original UnBraider- a comb that would take down 4 to 8 braids at once, minimizing breakage. The comb, now The Original Unbraider, met and exceeded her expectation and was launched for sale to the public in 2005.

The Second Launch

Braids and protective styles reflect the creativity and pride of Black men and women. The renaissance of braids and natural hair styles has created a greater demand for the UnBraider. The second launch of The Original UnBraider, will meet this greater demand, making it more available online and in select stores. For this reason, with great pride and honor, I accept the stewardship of The UnBraider, and hope that my stewardship will honor my mother’s invention. I am committed to continuing the legacy of African American women who have produced and made available hair products for Black women as well as for Black men.

Khadija Imara

"I was so excited when purchasing this product. When it arrived it did not disappoint! I literally cut down the time to take out braids in half. It’s amazing! I no longer have cramping, like I did in the past while taking out braids. Thank you for having the ability and concept to create this product! It’s greatly appreciated."