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Original UnBraider II: Revolutionize your braid removal with the Original UnBraider II. This innovative tool, shaped like a brush, simplifies unbraiding, saving the time of manual removal. It's a first-of-its-kind tool designed to cut down the hours spent on unbraiding.

Premium Safety Glove: Enhance your unbraiding with our high-quality ripstop nylon glove. It offers protection and comfort while handling the sharp teeth of the Original UnBraider II, ensuring a safe and comfortable process.

Together, these products offer a faster, safer, and more comfortable unbraiding experience.

Suggested Use
  1. The Original UnBraider is used like a brush.
  2. Prep the hair for take down by moisturizing the hair for four to five hours before unbraiding. The
  3. Comb Out; Soft Conditioner is recommended.
  4. Grab a section of braids and evenly cut the excess hair.
  5. Take that section of braids, and brush down starting at the bottom of the braids.
  6. Use the short tines to brush out micro, small, and medium braids.
  7. Use the long side to brush out large braids.
  8. As you work your way up the braids and the braids becoming larger, alternate from the short
  9. tines to the long side of the brush.
  10. Use small brushing motions down to detangle any knots that may come along.
  11. Brush down until you reach the top of the braids and all the braids are unbraided. If there is a knot, use the top tooth of the long side to remove the knot. Be careful as the tooth has been sharpened and is very pointy.
  12. Repeat this method with another section of braids until you have unbraided all of your braids.

Why do I need to moisturize my hair if it is synthetic?

Moisturizing will minimize breakage to the hair; although every time you remove braids there will be a process of removal of dead hair. Moisturizing the hair prior to manipulating the hair with the tool will make the hair more malleable, thus making the braids brush out with more ease and minimize tangling.

How many braids can I take down at once?

The amount of braids depends on the size of the braids. The Original UnBraider can brush up to 8 micro and small braids. For best results, brushing out 3-4 medium and large braids is recommended.

Will it work on natural hair?

The Original UnBraider works on both natural hair, synthetic extensions and human hair extensions.

Customer Reviews

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Do not waste your money on the glove!!!!


Took my braids out in half the time!!!! I love it


Takes my braids down really fast without losing hair. Awesome product.